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“What EVERY ‘Bootstrap Business’ Owner Needs To Know To Survive (& Thrive) In Today’s World...

From: The Desk Of Dan Kuschell
Dear Fellow Entrepreneur, 
If you’re “bootstrapping a business” together right now, then I have two things to say.
First: HATS OFF to you! You’re doing something bold, brave, and NEEDED in this world, that 99% of people alive on the planet today won’t even have the inspiration, skill or stamina to attempt to do...not to mention stick with!
Second: You’re going to need this book.
You’ll see why in about 60 seconds.

But First... Please Read This:

Starting a business from scratch - especially if you don’t have such things as family money, or “angel investors” - is hard.
We’re not going to pretend otherwise here.
ANYONE that tries to bring a business into being that’s never existed before is a hero.
And they will have to climb mountains, brave storms, forge raging rivers, and break through solid brick walls (sometimes daily!) to accomplish their dream.
This book is not going to make the job of bootstrapping a business “easy.” It’s not going to make it “simple.”
I would be insulting your intelligence if I said it would ;-)
This book IS going to make it 100% more likely that all of your mountain-climbing, river-forging, and brick-wall-bashing will actually PAY OFF in the end!
Here’s why.
When I was thinking about writing this book for you originally…
I thought, “Okay Dan, you’ve definitely built not just one...but a FEW businesses from the ground up, ‘bootstrap’ style…
So what would you tell someone who’s just doing that now…
To save them thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars in lost revenue...hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of lost time…
And maybe even save their sanity in the process?”
And the truth is, several things came to mind right off the bat. 
Things like “Oh, whatever you do, don’t do this!” and “Right - whatever you do, DO do that…” and so on.
I was all excited to sit right down and begin writing.
BUT. Then I realized…
I’m just one entrepreneur. 
How much more powerful would it be if I were to sit down with another top eleven entrepreneurs I knew, who had bootstrapped THEIR own businesses, and find out their secrets too??
Find out what makes them tick…
What gets them up in the morning and inspires them to keep going…
What they do when things don’t go as planned…
And what they DID to build up the 6-figure to multi-million-dollar empires they now proudly own and profit from?
I realized that this would be a profoundly more useful, profitable book for you in the long run...even though it would take a bit more work to put together! :-)
So - that’s exactly what we did.
Some of the top entrepreneurs and marketers in the world agreed to participate (some of whom are now household names) like…
Jack Canfield...
Tom Hopkins…
and Brian Klemmer…
But some other lesser known entrepreneurs and CEO’s who aren’t necessarily “household names” - but who have quietly amassed fortunes (and amazing, loyal staff who actually care about the people they serve) - and have their own secrets to share, agreed to participate too…
Which means this book includes stories and secrets from people you’ll recognize…
But also some you’ve likely never heard of (and haven’t seen printed in all the other “business-how-to” books already)...
And THAT makes it all the more valuable…
Because it shows you don’t have to be “famous” to make a huge difference in the world - and make a huge amount of money while you’re at it!
With that said, here’s a couple more reasons y0u should get this book and read it as soon as humanly possible, if you’re in the midst of starting your own business (or know somebody who is)...
1. It’s a quick read. At just 190 pages, you can sit down and devour it in an afternoon (or one chapter at a time on breaks). Think your average “Choose Your Own Adventure”™ book - and that’s how big it is!
2. It’s not just theory. These are practical, hands on things people just like you did to get where they are today - and how they did it. You can implement these ideas NOW (and literally take it to the bank). 
3. Damage Control: You will immediately see exactly what mistakes those coming before you have made - so YOU can avoid making them yourself. 
4. Name Your Own Price: I’m so confident this is exactly the thing you need right now, I’m going to remove every possible barrier to you getting your hands on it - by letting you name your own price! (Read on for details)
I’ll be honest: reason #3 alone is priceless to you at this stage of the game.

Are You Ready To Become Unstoppable? 

Here's a quick taste of just some of the insights and inspiration you’ll find inside this book:
  • What some of the most exciting fields of entrepreneurship are that have become available to newcomers in business today...Page 9
  • The secrets of a company that had some of their clients generating over $100,000 a week in less than 6 months by applying their principles...and another client generating over $300,000 a week. How they did it...Page 42
  • Even with the right environment, you can’t shape people into entrepreneurs. See if you really have the “key talents” it takes to be a successful entrepreneur... Page 69
  • ​How to keep your emotional balance during the tough times (useable tips from someone who’s been through incredible challenges)... Page 78
  • ​How one entrepreneur made the Glass Ceiling on their income “self-destruct” - simply by doing something they call “goodness” (this story will restore your faith in business!)...Page 122
And that’s just on the “positive” side of the coin.

What About The Things You DON’T
(Ever) Want To Be Doing?

Here’s a taste of the things you’ll be warned about (so you can avoid making the same costly mistakes)...
  • Creating a business plan that involves long-term, strategic planning and short-term, operational planning. Here’s what you want to do instead... Page 31
  • Trying to build your database, or list, and making sales at the same time. This is how business owners go wrong on the Internet. Use this strategy instead, and you will increase your results exponentially... Page 57
  • Believing the experts when they say, “You know Google and Pay Per Click is dead." Here’s why you will do better than they are in the next few years if you’re one of the wise who ignore their advice... Page 59
  • ​Investing time and money into a product that doesn’t work. Hear a “horror story” from an entrepreneur who lost four months and a couple of hundred thousand dollars, and learn how to prevent this happening to you... Page 75
  • ​Thinking that because you are an “introvert” you won’t be able to sell as well as extroverts. The truth is you can actually do BETTER than them. Here’s why... Page 103
  • ​Putting all your time and money into your business without paying yourself - AND without ensuring that there is equity credit (for deferred salary) on the books. This can let you be cut out of your own business (or your fair pay) once it is profitable...Page 79
So listen.

If You Only Paid Attention To Just TWO Of These Tips...

Imagine how much money and time it could save you!
For example…
If you ONLY learned why you shouldn’t be trying to build your list and make sales at the same time…
OR how to avoid losing 4 months and two-hundred thousand dollars on a failed product launch…
Would that be worth 15 minutes of reading time this afternoon?
Well, yes.
But you’re going to learn how to avoid not just two, but SIX bad scenarios!
And that's not everything...
You'll also get surprising and startling tips on how to make your business stand out from the rest from day one, like ...

How A Prison Guard Made A Shoplifter Cry

During one of the interviews in this book, the CEO of a hugely successful company will tell you about a technique they implemented to create more engagement and positive experiences with their customers…
And how a prison guard who had learned this technique used it while he was “booking” a shoplifter and it created such a feeling of dignity and respect…
The prisoner actually started to weep, saying, “I’ve never been treated this way in my life, much less I’m being booked for a crime I know I did.”
Now. Let me ask you...
If a PRISON GUARD can do this for a CRIMINAL, do you have any idea how effective it would be for your employees to learn to do this for your customers?!?
(You’ll find out what the technique is at the top of page 167.)
Plus, you will learn ...
  • The two WRONG reasons to start a business...and two things you MUST include in your business plan, before you begin (page 154).
  • What to do if your business partners are coming to the table with different values, or if they are at different levels of experience than you (page 157).
  • How to introduce the concept of “play” into your company to create more growth and revenue - and what to do if you’re afraid of it (it can be scary!) ...Page 164.
  • ​The newest models of IQ, EQ, and SQ balance, and how it affects leadership in the twenty-first century (page 128).
  • ​Exactly what to have the secretary of a high-level CEO write in her note, so that they will want you to come back and talk (Hint: it’s NOT your phone number. You shouldn’t leave that in any circumstances!) 105
  • ​Three questions to ask yourself at the end of each day if you want to be more successful (page 52).
  • ​What role you, as the founder, should play in your business - especially if you are also an inventor and the visionary of the team (page 80).
  • ​What AIM Principle number 5 is and how to use it (page 54).
  • ​Why drawing a ladder with an upside down triangle at the top can help you clarify your business model so you can reach your goals faster (page 61).
  • ​The 4 things one seasoned entrepreneur would do if they were just getting started in today’s market (HINT: it includes Pay Per Click and press releases, and two other tactics that may surprise you)...Page 63.
  • ​What a “compassionate samurai” is - and how you can use it to be more successful WHILE serving the world better in the long run (page 86). 
  • ​Why what you want for your business is irrelevant (OOOH I know this one raises hackles - but just read it and you’ll see why!) ...Page 90.
  • ​How to spot a change in your prospect’s self-image that indicates they are ready to purchase (please only use this one ethically) ...Page 102
Okay...I expect at this point you can see how this is the very book you need right now - so that you can grow your business faster - WHILE making sure you don’t make the same costly mistakes others have before you!
However that’s not all you’re going to benefit from when you own a copy. You will also be getting …

A Four-Step, Hands-On Exercise To Clarify Your Talents & Purpose, So That You Can Be Sure Your Business Is In Alignment With Your Personal Goals

This is a step that many entrepreneurs wish they’d taken “before it was too late.”
Because, just for argument’s sake...
Let’s say you build your business from the ground up perfectly.
Let’s say it’s an amazing success.
Let’s say you have customers thronging to buy your stuff…
...And your biggest problems are how to make sure you fulfill orders on time, and how to explain your sudden profits at the end of the year to the tax-man ;-)
These are “GOOD problems to have,” right?
There is one problem you DON’T want to have, and that is suddenly feeling “disenfranchised” and “depressed” about the whole thing.
How can this happen?
It happens when an entrepreneur goes “whole hog” to build up a madly successful business around something they feel luke-warm about...that doesn’t totally line up with their values...and that they will eventually sour on completely.
EVEN when it’s super successful. Yes, especially then. I’ve seen it happen again and again in this industry.
So. This is why

I’m Including This Powerful Exercise
That You Can Do TODAY To Really
Nail Down Your Purpose

If you turn to page 147 in your book (after it’s delivered) you will discover a 4-part, step-by-step exercise that one of our top CEO’s created for you to go through…all you will need is a few minutes of quiet time, and a pencil. 
Going through this will let you quickly and easily clarify your purpose, passion, gifts, and special that you can see if they are in full alignment with the business you are “bootstrapping” into existence, starting now!
Trust me - this isn’t something you want to leave till later - when it’s too late.
You want to do it today.

So Here's What You Should Do Now

You can download my entire book (including the exercise I just told you about) for THE PRICE THAT WORKS FOR YOU right now, and you’ll get it instantly to put on your desktop. 
The reason I can give it to you at whatever price you consider worthwhile right now (for real) is that I don’t actually need to make money selling books right now...
But I do believe that the world works on “value exchanged for value” (I’m not a head-in-the-clouds dreamer)...AND I also believe that people only really put work into things they are invested in. So...
Don’t get me wrong - I still have to pay all my merchant and processing fees, plus advertising costs (I would be a bad business coach if I didn’t do that!) BUT -
I want you to have this book.
I most likely won’t even make a profit on it, but I don’t actually care about that.
I make enough with my other, “high-end” programs I don’t need to count pennies ;-) 
But I DO want you to have a copy to read as soon as humanly possible - and this way you get the book immediately, rather than having to wait another day.
So if you can take about 60 seconds to name your price and place your order today, I’ll shoot you over an email receipt along with a link so you can download it now.
At that point you can just hit “save to desktop” and open it up and start reading it whenever you’ve got a few minutes.
I promise you those few minutes will be well spent!
Also - just to be clear...

This Is NOT A Clever “Trick” To Drop You Into Continuity Or Some Such Nonsense

I’m NOT going to use this book to lock you into some subscription plan, enroll you in continuity, tack on any hidden fees, or what have you.
This is a great book. You need it. Period. End of story :-)
I'm sending you this book (really a tool for your business) at whatever price you name today, as a means of helping you out now -
In hopes that you will be wildly successful, climb that mountain and even break through that glass ceiling at the top...and maybe, we might be able to work together in the future.
Honestly, I’m not really interested in working with you personally right now (and can’t) until you’ve reached a certain level of coaching programs are too time-intensive for that! ;-)
This allows me to give you a good running start, in hopes that one day you’ll come to me and say, “Hey Dan, remember that book? It made a huge difference. My business has really soared this year. Now what?” 
And then, we’ll talk.
Maybe you’ll be ready for my next level programs, maybe you’ll want to benefit from personal coaching with the meantime, YOU will be at the head of a highly successful business.
That’s the whole reason I made this book in the first place.
However, I do need to impress one thing upon you now:

You Do Need To Act Quickly

Here’s the thing.
I JUST decided to try putting this book out there at “name your own price,” as an experiment to see what happens.
It may end up being a good idea for me to offer this option...or it may not :-)
I’m not sure yet.
If it DOES make sense, then I’ll keep it up here for a little while.
But if it DOESN’T, I certainly can’t go any I’ll have to go higher.
If you have even an inkling this could help you right now - please grab a copy while you can today, while I’m in “testing mode.”
The good thing is - even though you're getting this for a steal while I’m running my test - I will STILL give you…

A Ridiculously Good Guarantee

So, I personally think you’re going to LOVE this book and devour it like wildfire the moment you get it. However.
If, for any reason after you’ve given it a good read, you think it wasn’t worth whatever price you decide to pay for it today, I promise you can email me for a refund and I’ll give you back every penny...
In fact, I’ll even let you keep the book, just for your trouble!
How's that for impossible to refuse?

This Is Really A One-Time Temporary Test, So Please Grab Your Book Now While This Webpage Is Still Up:

I’m so glad you found this letter today and I look forward to hearing how this changes things for you in the next few weeks and months!
(Really. I want you to write to me and tell me all about it :-)
-Dan Kuschell
P.S. In a hurry? Here’s the basic deal just quickly so you don’t miss out:
  • You get this 190 page book (which is more like having a lifetime mentor in your pocket and at your fingertips). It’s specifically for “bootstrap business” entrepreneurs (in fact that’s how it got its name!) filled with tips, techniques, and secrets…
  • That myself and 11 other highly successful CEO’s only WISH we’d known back when we were getting started, to avoid the mistakes that YOU don’t need to make!
  • I’m putting it out there for at an experimental “name your own price” test right now, but it may end up changing (as in going up) at any time.
Not only will you be able to download the book and start reading it immediately once you press this button:
But you will also get a 4-part exercise you can do TODAY to find out if your business is the perfect match for your talents and purpose, or if you should “tweak” what you’re doing a bit before you get too far along…
ALSO - whatever price you name is it. There’s no “free trials” no “ongoing membership” or anything else like that involved. Just the book and the good stuff you’ll get out of it.
 As a matter of fact I’ll even give you “whatever your paid” BACK - if you don’t think this is worth it for any reason, once you get a chance to look through it!
That’s about it.
So - it’s simple.
You’ll be very happy you did!
 - D.K.
P.S. Just in case you don’t think THAT offer was as crazy good as it gets, how about I add one more “perk” so good you’d be absolutely silly to pass this up today…
Sound good? Here it is.
Even on top of letting you name your own price, even on top of giving you a 100% Money Back Guarantee (on the price YOU choose!) -
I’m ALSO going to let you apply whatever you pay for my book now, to a future purchase of any of my programs in the future!
I’m doing this for two reasons.
One, because I’m so sure you’ll derive a TON of value from my book, I’m quite sure you’ll then want to keep going and work with us more - and I want to help you get into my higher level programs ASAP.
And Two, because I REALLY want you to read this book before you do anything else in your business or make any more crucial decisions that will impact your income this year.
It’s that important.
So - don’t delay another minute:
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